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Discovery, adventure, relaxation – all good reasons to come back again!

There are plenty of good reasons to visit us. Stop off with us after sport, or after hiking in the Aubach valley. You can cycle round the lake, or swim in its cool and refreshing waters. Then there are the nearby golf courses inviting you to tee off. And in the cultural line too there is lots to discover, from the abbeys to the palaces of King Ludwig, not to mention Munich with its museums, opera house and frequent concerts. There are more attractions for children than can be fitted into a single holiday – with Legoland, the Skylinepark, Bavaria Film City and Hellabrunn Zoo. And besides, you don’t even need to get in your car to make your children’s eyes light up – just visit the small animals at our Stroking Zoo, or let your children discover what our playground has to offer!

And by the way – you can of course count on finding peace and quiet here, everywhere you go.

Nature lovers, sport enthusiasts, culture aficionados and anyone who just wants to put their feet up – Meiling is the ideal place to discover more than can be packed into one weekend.

For anyone planning a holiday in Upper Bavaria, there is a new offer available. Just buy the ticket and you can get to know the entire region of Upper Bavaria, all inclusive. Over a hundred attractions in Germany’s biggest holiday region on a small chip card: